Fun and Educational Before & After School Programs In Georges Hall

Girl Playing And PaintingLittle Feats aims to provide variety and choice within their programing to ensure that children have an abundance of opportunities. Many programs will be on offer all year round and others will rotate over the course of the four school terms. Permanent programs which will be a Little Feats feature all year round include:
  • Homework/Reading
  • Group Games/Sports
  • Art & Crafts
  • Funky Fitness
  • Play
As our numbers increase, tutoring will also become a permanent fixture within the Little Feats Program. Other programs will be rotated over a term to term basis.  

Homework/Reading Assistance

Children have opportunities to complete homework tasks whilst at the centre. Please inform the Management Team if you would like your child added to our homework list. The time slot between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm has been allocated to homework completion/assistance. Here, children will progress to the designated homework area where our staff will manoeuvre amongst the students aiding and scaffolding them to complete set tasks. Our staff will also listen to children read aloud and complete their home reader cards.  

Music Program

Children will be given the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of sound sources by playing various percussion instruments to a range of popular songs. Here, they will be following a colour-coded musical score. In addition, children will be given various themes and scenarios as the inspiration to form their own original percussive score/compositions in small group formation. Other areas of musical focus will be tempo, dynamics, staccato and musical notation.  

Group Games

Rotational weekly team sports will be a feature of the centre. Children will exercise their gross motor skills and coordination, whilst refining their ability to collaboratively work with their peers within a team setting. Examples of rotating team sports include: soccer, touch football, cricket, netball, basketball, kickball rounders, group relay games etc.  The children will collaboratively work together in a team environment, where safe play will be viewed as paramount.  


Children learn through play, the centre allows children to choose their own activities or participate in free play choices. Children are encouraged and supported to develop their own games and resources, whilst emersing themselves in construction activities and imaginative play scenarios.  

Craft Activities

Rotational weekly art/craft activities will also be a standard feature of the centre. Children will refine their fine motor skills by threading, cutting, scrunching, tearing, folding, painting, drawing, pasting, weaving etc. Activities will be provided within a designated area, where participation by students will be optional. Our innovative Little Feats team will provide supervision and artistic direction.  


Children have opportunities to problem solve, experiment, hypothesise, research and investigate in a range of science based activities/experiments.  


As our service is comprised of qualified primary school teachers, we endeavour to cater tutoring programs to meet the specific needs of our students within the frameworks of English and Mathematics. Students will be assessed initially and a program will be created to meet the specific needs of the individual. Tuition will be conducted in an intimate small group setting of no more than six to eight students depending on ability. This service comes at an additional fee.  

Art Programs

Specialised art programs will be run, where children will be provided with opportunities to indulge in a series of creative pursuits, whilst experimenting with a vast range of mediums. Children will paint, sculpt, mould, manipulate charcoal, sketch, build, paper mâché etc. A new world of creativity awaits those students who opt to undertake this workshop, which comes at an additional fee.  

Little Feats Funky Fitness

Funky Fitness is a fun physical based program specifically designed for all children and all fitness levels. The Program will promote teamwork skills and sportsmanship, whilst also getting children’s heart rates up. Children will be actively engaged in fun and interesting activities based on building up their fitness level.  They will learn about healthy eating habits at the conclusion of each session.  Parent workshops will also be a regular feature of this program, focusing on healthy eating and family fitness. Some activities include boot camp, circuits, choreographed skipping and activities designed specifically to deliver and develop Fundamental Movement Skills and Gross Motor Skills within all students.  This activity comes at an additional cost.  

Cake Decorating

Here the children will exercise their creativity in a culinary capacity. They are provided with ready baked cupcakes and cakes and will be taught various techniques such as mixing and colouring their own icing, how to evenly spread it, pipe it, manipulate fondant and create a variety of common shapes and patterns featured on a variety of baked goods. This workshop will be run by a member of staff who has completed cake decorating courses.  This program comes at an additional fee to cover the cost of materials required.  

Jewellery Making

Children will exercise their creativity by making fashionable jewellery pieces utilising a wide range of beads, wires, studs and charms. This will exercise their fine motor skills as they thread and manipulate pliers to fasten and secure chains and clasps. Our jewellery making workshop will come at an additional fee to cover the cost of specialised materials needed. Our workshop will be run by a member of staff who has been successful in the design and making of their own pieces of costume jewellery and has successfully sold their pieces to members of the public.  

Cooking Classes

This program is designed to teach life skills through various cooking activities and also allows children to develop an awareness of nutrition and healthy eating habits. Children will adopt the role of centre Sous Chefs. Kitchen basics will form the foundation of this set program. Children will learn about kitchen hygiene, how to wash various fruits and vegetables, they will peel, dice, slice, pour, measure, stir, brown, spread and dress a range of foods. They will sample a variety of flavours and food combinations to tantalise their taste buds. As this workshop requires the use of specialised equipment and products, it will come at an additional fee. Other programs which we aim to introduce in the future include:
  • Martial Arts
  • Yoga
  • Kids Zumba
  • Drama
We are open to parent programming suggestions. Please feel free to comment/contribute via our suggestion box or via email.