Policies & Procedures

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Children SmilingBelow is a concise list of policies and procedures.

Full comprehensive copies of all of our policies and procedures will be available on site for families to peruse.

How to Enrol

To enrol your child in our service, see the Enrollment section of our website.

Enrollments will not be accepted from families without full completion of the enrollment form. To secure the enrollment, parents are required to pay the enrollment fee and security deposit.


Cancellation of Enrollment

The family must give two (2) weeks’ notice in writing if they wish to cancel a child’s enrollment. If two weeks’ notice is not given, fee charges will continue to accrue until notice of cancellation is provided in writing to the Management Team.  From the point of notification, two (2) weeks of permanent fees are due.  The bond may be used to settle or contribute towards this final payment.


Delivery & Collection of Children

Little Feats will ensure that children arrive and leave the service in a manner that safeguards their health, safety and well-being.


Children are not to be left at the service unattended at anytime prior to the opening hours of the service under any circumstances.

Any person delivering a child to the service must sign the attendance register by recording the time of arrival and their signature.

Educators will be aware of each child’s arrival at the service and will exchange information with the person delivering the child, such as who will be collecting the child.


Children must be collected by the closing time of the service. Failure to collect the child by closing time will incur late collection fees.

Any person who is collecting a child from the service must be listed as an authorised nominee on the child’s enrollment form together with their full contact details.

The authorised nominee who is collecting a child must sign the attendance register and record the time of collection. Educators will be aware of each child’s departure from the service to ensure children are collected only by a documented authorised nominee.

Educators should be notified as soon as possible if the authorised nominee will be later than expected and the child will be informed to avoid unnecessary anxiety.

If a person arrives to collect a child/ren that is not on the collection list, written authorisation will be sought before the child is able to leave the service. The management team will also request photo identification from the person collecting the child, i.e. a current driver’s licence or passport.

In the case of an emergency where a child’s authorised nominee cannot collect the child/ren and a person not on the collection list will be collecting the child, the service must be notified by an authorised nominee by phone as soon as possible. Written authorisation should be gained where possible. However, verbal consent and an identification check will be sufficient in the case of an emergency.  Following verbal authorisation, the parent/guardian must then immediately send either an email or SMS (text message) to the senior staff member to serve as a suitable means of authorisation in conjunction with the verbal authorisation.



If your child attends another primary school within the community other than HopePoint Christian School, we will need to transport your child to and from our facility.

If your child needs to be driven to and from their primary school, they will be driven by one of our experienced drivers (who all have a minimum of 15-20 years driving experience).  They will collect your children from a designated meeting point and bring them to our service as per the Australian Standards Road and Transport Regulations.


Child Absences

Any absences or sick days will still incur our regular fee. However, if a doctor’s certificate is presented to the Management Team notifying of an illness that prevents the child/ren from attending for THREE (3) or more consecutive days, a credit can be made to their account.

Little Feats will charge a reduced rate of 50% of fees if you are removing your child/ren for the purpose of a family holiday period. A minimum of two weeks’ notice via email is required to be given to the Management Team. Failure to notify the Management Team will result in 100% of fees being charged.

Parents/Guardians are required to advise Little Feats management via call or SMS if their child is going to be absent.

Morning Absences: Must be advised no later than 7:00am on the day of absence.

Afternoon Absences: Must be advised no later than 1:00pm on the day of absence.


Child Care Management System (CCMS)

Through the Child Care Management System, the Federal Government has awarded 42 days allowable absences from care, where child care benefit is claimable. Once 42 absent days have been exceeded, the Child Care Benefit may not apply.

For additional information view: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/child-care-rebate



The NSW Regulatory Authority requires the attainment of a current certificate in food handling and hygiene practices by staff preparing food within the centre. The Little Feats Family prides itself on ensuring relevant staff members and management are trained and appropriately accredited, therefore hold the relevant certificate.

All meals and snacks are provided by our service and the menu selections are rotated regularly to provide the children with fresh nutritional selections, ranging from finger foods to hot meals. All food is nutritionally balanced and prepared on site using the freshest of produce and ingredients in accordance with the ‘Dietary Guidelines for Children and Young People in Australia’.

Breakfast is provided between 7:00am – 8:15am.  Children will have a choice of Toast & Spreads; Cereals; Yoghurt and Seasonal Fruit.

Afternoon Tea will be served between 3:15pm – 4:00pm. Children will have a choice of a range of foods such as mixed sandwiches/wraps; freshly made pasta; risotto; vegetables; fruit & cheese etc.

We will endeavour to provide variety in our meals and cater to children who suffer from allergies and specific dietary requirements. Little Feats welcomes families to make suggestions and contribute to our weekly menu ideas via email or our suggestion box.

Click HERE to view our quarterly meal plans.

Vacation Care

During Vacation Care, the following meals will be provided:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Tea
  • Afternoon Tea

During Vacation Care, children will be required to bring along their own packed lunch.  All other meals and snacks will be provided.  Little Feats is an allergy aware centre, therefore nut based products MUST be avoided at all times.  We can make provisions for vegetarians, gluten and dairy intolerances and may be able to support other dietary requirements or needs.



Little Feats places the utmost importance on the health and well-being of all its children. To ensure that the interest of all parents, children and staff are not compromised, all medication should be administered to children in accordance with the National Law and Regulations.

Administration of Medication

Prescription Medication will only be administered to the child for whom it is prescribed, from the original container bearing the child’s name and with a current use-by date. Non-prescription medication will not be administered at the service unless authorised by a doctor.

Permission for a child to self-medicate will be administered with the family’s written permission only or in the case of an emergency, with verbal approval of a medical practitioner or parent.

Families who wish for medication to be administered to their child or have their child self-administer the medication at the service MUST complete the Medication Record Form and hand it to the Management Team along with the medication. All medication is to be clearly labelled with the child’s name, date, dosage and the time of day when medication needs to be administered.  A parent must sign off permission for a child to self-medicate. In these instances, medication is to be stored safely and securely by centre staff and will be given to the appropriate child when necessary.

An authorisation is not required in the event of an asthma or anaphylaxis emergency.  However, the parent/guardian and emergency services will be notified as soon as possible after the administration of the medication.

All medication given to a child is signed off by management, dated and co-signed by a centre employee who witnessed the administration of the medication.

Administration of Paracetamol

Little Feats OOSHC service maintains the right to administer Paracetamol to any child in attendance at the service if it is deemed necessary. If your child shows any signs and symptoms of suffering from a high fever (above 38 Degrees Celsius) or general illness whilst at our service, staff will make every attempt to contact you to discuss First Aid treatment strategies to assist your child. If staff cannot contact you and it is deemed an immediate necessity, our team will administer non-prescription medication, being Children’s Colourfree 5-12 years Panadol, as previous consent has been given on the child’s enrollment form. Consent to the administration of Paracetamol is a condition of enrollment.

Dealing with Medical Conditions

Families will be asked at the time of enrollment to inform the service of any medical conditions their children may have. This information will be recorded on the child’s enrollment form and on staff records.

It is a requirement for Little Feats to develop a Medical Management Plan and Communication Plan in conjunction with the child’s family for treatment of long term conditions such as anaphylaxis, asthma, epilepsy or ADHD.  The Management Team will meet with the family and relevant health professionals prior to the child’s attendance to discuss the content of the plans.

All medical conditions, including food allergies will be placed on a notice board near the kitchen area out of the sight of general visitors and children. It is deemed the responsibility of every educator at the service to regularly read and refer to the list. These will be reviewed and discussed during staff meetings on a regular basis as priority.


Behaviour Management

Little Feats believes that children have the right to feel physically and psychologically safe.  Our aim is to maintain an environment where all children and educators feel safe, cared for, relaxed and where everyone encourages cooperation and positive interactions (My Time, Our Place – Outcome 1).

Our Behaviour Management system is based on guidance, re-direction and positive reinforcement.

At our service, children are expected to:

  • Respect each other
  • Respect the property of others and the centre
  • Follow instructions
  • Share with each other and be inclusive
  • Respect each other’s differences
  • Be polite to each other and to staff

Our Carers strive to establish positive relationships, which are the foundation for building children’s self-respect, self-worth and feelings of security. Our team uses positive approaches for guiding behaviour. Some of these include positive acknowledgement, re-direction, giving explanations, encouragement, giving help, collaborating to solve problems and helping children to understand the consequences and impact of their behaviour.


Behaviour Correction

Inappropriate behaviour can include bullying, being uncooperative, not listening to reasonable requests from educators or consistently disregarding the basic rules. In these instances, the following steps will be taken:

  • The educator will explain to the child that this type of behaviour is inappropriate.
  • The educator will re-direct the child to a different activity within the room (or outdoors)
  • If aggressive or inappropriate behaviour continues, the child will sit away from the group to calm down and think about their actions. After a short period of time, the educator will have a discussion with the child regarding their actions, and then the child will return to play.
  • A discussion will be held with the child’s family when the child is collected.

Duty of Care

The safety of children, families and staff is of the utmost importance at Little Feats OOSHC.  The centre’s employees have a duty of care to ensure the highest level of safety and welfare of all our enrolled children.  Educators will take all reasonable action to protect children from risks of harm that can be reasonably predicted.  The risks associated with all activities is assessed and managed before the activity is undertaken via our risk assessment process. Duty of Care encompasses a wide range of matters, including (but not limited to):
  • The provision of adequate supervision
  • Ensuring grounds, premises and equipment are safe for children and staff
  • Implementing strategies to prevent bullying from occurring in the centre
  • Providing medical assistance, or seeking assistance from medically trained professionals
  • Ensuring all staff members are adequately trained in all medical, hygiene, policy and procedure areas, child protection and completed relevant Working with Children Checks

Child Protection

Little Feats OOSHC believes that every child has the right to be safe and protected from all forms of abuse, violence or exploitation.  It is the legal and moral obligation of all adults who work within our service to ensure the safety and well-being of all children in our care.  All staff, including casual staff, volunteers and students ALL have the responsibility of DUTY OF CARE.  This means that they are legally bound to ensuring the safety and protection of all the children who form the LITTLE FEATS COMMUNITY and access its programs. The safety and welfare of all children is of paramount importance.  Staff and Little Feats Management have the legal role/responsibility of MANDATORY REPORTERS. Here, they must take action in order to protect and support any child they believe may be at “RISK OF SIGNIFICANT HARM“.  All staff members at our service maintain current Child Protection Training. Little Feats will carry out the responsibilities of mandatory reporters as indicated under legislation.  This responsibility involves following the steps and procedures outlined by Community Services and the NSW Commission for Children and Young People. Any suspicion of child abuse is immediately reported to the Department of Family & Community Services (FACS).  Under the new Children and Young Person’s (Care & Protection) Act 1998, childcare workers are considered “Mandatory Reporters”.  A mandatory reporter is someone who is required by law to make a report to FACS if they have current concerns about the safety, welfare or well-being of a child. A child is a person under 16 years.  There are penalties for failing to make a report.  


Little Feats will maintain a complaints and grievance management system to ensure that all educators, families and community members know that complaints and grievances will be taken seriously and investigated promptly and fairly.

Our complaints and grievance management system will be promoted in the parent handbook and staff handbook.  We will identify complaints and grievances as opportunities to improve the quality of our service.

Little Feats will support an individual’s right to complain, and will help to resolve the issue with them directly and confidentially.

All confidential conversations with individuals who have a complaint or grievance will occur in a quiet place away from children, other families and staff that are not involved.

If an individual has a complaint or comment about the service, they will be encouraged to talk to the Management Team, who will arrange a time to discuss their concerns and come to a resolution to address the issue.

The Management Team will inform the person making the complaint of what has been decided regarding the issue. Staff will also be informed of any relevant issues that they need to address or be aware of.

If any complaint cannot be resolved internally to the person’s satisfaction, external options will be offered such as an unbiased third party.

Dismissal Policy

The following circumstances may warrant termination or expulsion:
  • Assault or threat of assault by a parent/guardian will result in immediate expulsion
  • Non-payment of fees
  • Non-compliance with the policies and procedures of the centre
  • Parents’ use of abusive language or any inappropriate behaviour towards others
  • Any destructive, violent behaviour by a child that is harmful to other children or staff
  • Consistent lateness in picking up a child

Health & Safety

Risk factors regarding health & safety at Little Feats are of utmost importance and comes second to none.

Our service prides itself on ensuring the health and safety and well-being of all children and staff members in its care.

Sun Protection

Little Feats aims to balance the risk of skin cancer from too much sun exposure with maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels in our children.  We aim to take a sensible approach to sun protection in our service that empowers children to take responsibility for their own health and well-being (“My Time, Our Place” – Outcome 3).

We aim to ensure that all children in attendance at Little Feats will be protected from harmful rays of the sun, when the UV forecast is 3 or above. All staff will be active in modelling appropriate sun protection behaviour and enforce the sun protection policy.

SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum water-resistant sunscreen will be available at the service for all children and educators to use.

All children and educators are required to wear hats, shirts with sleeves and collars or covered necklines and longer style skirts, shorts or trousers.

Children who do not have a hat must play in a sheltered area. For children who do not have a hat or are wearing clothing that is not recommended as appropriate, Staff will enforce the rule that they must access shaded areas in which to play.

During the months of October to March between 11am and 3pm or when the UV index is 3 or above, educators will ensure that there are regular reminders (minimum every 2 hours) to apply sunscreen prior to outdoor play.


All children and staff must wear closed-in shoes at all times.


Please ensure that your child has a raincoat packed in their bags on rainy days.

As safety is our priority at Little Feats, we request that you do not provide your child with an umbrella for wet weather as umbrellas are deemed unsafe and can cause eye injuries.

Lost Property

Little Feats will provide a lost property basket on site for any lost clothing items. Please ensure that all items of clothing brought to the centre are clearly labelled and marked with your child’s name. Staff are not responsible for clothing that is lost at the centre.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are prohibited at the centre. Any mobile phones found will be confiscated and given to parents/guardians upon their arrival. If a parent wishes to speak with their child directly, they can place a call to the centre.


We strongly request that children keep their personal toys at home as loss of personal items can cause great distress for children. The centre provides toys and a variety of activities for children to choose from.

Staff will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.