Can my child join Vacation Care during the December / January holidays, if they are about to start kindergarten that year?

Yes.  If your child is beginning kindergarten at the close of the December / January holiday period, they are eligible to join our Vacation Care program beginning that year.

Can my child join Vacation Care during the December / January holidays, if they have completed year six and are awaiting to begin high school?

Yes.  We cater for children up to fourteen (14) years of age.

Can my child who attends the preschool at Hope Point Christian School join their siblings in the morning, afternoon and during vacation care?


Due to Government and building regulations, Little Feats OOSHC is unable to cater to pre-school aged children during vacation care periods.

Pre-School aged children require adequate sleep and rest facilities during vacation care periods that our service cannot provide at this time.  Our space cannot provide a designated area for this purpose.

Is the OOSHC Service only available to children who attend Hope Point Christian School?

Our Service is open to all members of the community.  However, children who attend HopePoint will be given priority of acceptance.  Our experienced drivers’, (who all have a minimum of 15-20 years driving experience), will collect children from a meeting point at their primary school and will transport them safely to our service, as per the Australian Standards Road and Transport Regulations.

What are your operating hours?

Our operating hours are from:

Monday – Friday

7am – 8:30 am        (Before School)

3pm – 6:00pm        (After School)

7am – 6:00pm        (Vacation Care)