About Us

Before And After School Care You Can Rely On in Georges Hall

Holding Hands

An independent business, family owned and operated, with Degree qualified educators; we are located within the grounds of HopePoint Christian School in Georges Hall.

Little Feats strives to provide the HopePoint Christian school community and the wider community with the highest quality of Out of School Hours School Care (Before and After School Care & Vacation Care).  Our services target school aged students ranging from 5-14 years of age.

Children will be encouraged to express their creativity, work collaboratively, play fairly, advance academically and further develop their social skills in a non-threatening, friendly and fun-filled environment run by educational professionals.

Little Feats strives to assist the community through a range of differing educational, social, creative and physical mediums, where each Little Feats experience is tailored to the specific needs of each family/client.

Little Feats values and embraces each child and family across all cultural backgrounds, genders, religion and ability.  Multicultural awareness and respect are incorporated in our program and is viewed as paramount. In our centre, the children have an opportunity to participate in many planned and spontaneous experiences in indoor and outdoor environments. Our staff utilise positive techniques of guidance to encourage children to develop independence, high self-esteem, demonstrate appropriate behaviours, as well as respect and tolerance for themselves and others.

Our Team/Educators

The Little Feats team is comprised of trained school teachers’ in both a mainstream and special education capacity, teacher’s aides, corporate professionals and volunteers who work together as a cohesive team to provide reliable, quality care for all children.

The Little Feats family prides itself on ensuring that all staff members are trained and appropriately accredited.   Management holds the relevant Supervisor Certificates and all members of staff are trained in CPR, First Aid and Asthma and Anaphylaxis management.  Staff is also subjected to a compulsory screening as directed by the Office of the Children’s Guardian in order to obtain a Working with Children Check.

  • As educators, we acknowledge our position as role models to all children in our care and to the other educators who form our family / team. We will welcome, assist and encourage new staff members in a positive manner and will endeavour to display leadership qualities at all times.
  • We recognise and respect that every educator is an individual with diverse needs, interests, skills, knowledge and experience. We support educator’s personal philosophy regarding childhood and education of children.
  • Educators will help to build an atmosphere of trust and respect through open communications, respecting different points of view and maintaining confidentiality.

Educators will abide by the centre’s Policies and Procedures, UN Conventions of the Rights of the Child and the National Quality Framework (NQF)



Marie brings a wealth of knowledge and 17 years of primary teaching experience to this service. She is familiar with the Department of Education’s systems and processes and has worked within the frameworks of special education classrooms for the last 10 years. In addition, her accreditations and training are currently in practice and up-to-date.




Angelique has spent the last decade within the corporate sector working as an administrative professional at executive and office management level within various industries. Her career extended to South Australia where she spent 5 years working as a court reporter. She brings her organisational flair and business acumen to make Little Feats the perfect family.



Our volunteers have been hand picked and are comprised of parents and grandparents who form an integral part of the Little Feats Family.  They each come with a unique blend of skills and experience from working within the frameworks of education, government departments, corporate finance and customer service.  They assist with the running of our programs and activities and are committed to the ongoing support and care of all children and families in our service.

Like all staff, our volunteers hold current working with children checks and are trained in CPR, First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis management.

Our Vision

“Nurture, develop and cultivate each child’s social, physical and learning potential to create solid foundations for a bright future.”

Our Mission

We strive to engage, support, resource and inspire our educators to work in collaboration with families.  We will ensure each child reaches their full potential in a social, physical, creative, cognitive and academic capacity, in an environment that is safe and inclusive to all. In meeting our vision, the service will act in a professional and respectful manner, valuing partnerships and diversity. Our primary focus is always what is in the best interests of the child and in doing so, we honour the National Quality Framework by ACECQA (The Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority).

Our Objectives

  • To promote an environment that welcomes, respects and caters for all families and acknowledges the diversity of all cultural backgrounds within the service.
  • Provide a friendly, caring, educational and safe environment that will foster each child’s growth, development and self-help skills.
  • Develop and implement a balanced program that is engaging, stimulating, interesting and exciting, providing opportunities for children to explore and develop new skills.
  • Encourage children to enjoy themselves through active structured play.
  • To provide a positive, active and progressive service for children as an integral part of the community.
  • To create continuity of learning through consistent reflection of children’s learning, educators’ practices and community expectations.
  • To support children’s learning through Play, understanding Respect and Responsibilities and the importance of Relationships and Partnerships.
  • To encourage a sense of security for the children in our care by providing consistent, warm, caring, professional and qualified educators.